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From Freaker's Ball to Concert Hall!

To start, I've got to say that our first independent shows outside of St. John's on the island were both really successful. People came out and paid good money for new and original music that otherwise doesn't happen in their towns. Big thanks to everyone that came out to dance and sing with us! We've got to give a special shoutout to Jim at Swirsky's as well as Dean, Stevie, and the Stairs family at Citadel House for all their hospitality. Just after getting home, we had a ball playing for a delightful crowd of discerning dancers at the Ship for the Atlantic Dance Presenters Conference.

Speaking of balls, we're playing The Freaker's Ball tonight at Factory with St. John's legend Mark Bragg, macabre rockers The Beer Patrice, as well as hip-hop up and comer, Dope Piece. This is a rare 4 band night here in town, where everyone (including us) is gonna be decked out in their freakish finest.

To continue our spate of cool shows, we are playing our first true soft-seater at the D.F. Cook Recital Hall at Memorial's School of Music. We'll be doing two sets of our original world-jazz tunes and folk arrangements at the place we all cut our teeth as professional musicians. We'll be taking this opportunity to play some of our quieter numbers in this beautiful venue, but don't worry - we'll have lots of the klezmer/funk/party jams you know and love! All the details are in the poster (courtesy of the amazing Corey Isenor). Check out the music @ memorial page for all their concert listings, and if you want advance tickets to our show you can get them online here. Make sure to get them early, space is limited!

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