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MusicNL Week!

We're so happy to be playing TWO showcases as part of MusicNL's 25th anniversary! Our first is Friday night, Oct 12, at the Jazz and Blues Showcase. We're closing out the night at the FAT Cat at 12:45am (that's after midnight) and are playing a half hour set. Check out the Facebook event for the full details:

MusicNL Jazz and Blues Showcase

Not too long after, Saturday afternoon, we're opening up the export buyers showcase at the St. John's Convention Centre at 2pm. To top it all off we will be joined by our fabulous original drummer, Andrew McCarthy, for both showcases!

Make sure to visit for all the conference info! They are doing an amazing job and we wouldn't be where we are without them.

We had a little horn jam this week to get ready and had all the fun!

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