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Our first ECMA award and Paddlefest

Wow, winning #ECMA2019 Jazz Recording of the Year was a huge surprise for us, and we are HUGELY thankful! Big ups to all of the nominees and thank you to the ECMAs, our fans, families, and supporters. KITCHUSES is what it is because of our producer John MacLean, our audio engineer Stephen Lilly, our graphic designer Jud Haynes, and the magical place and people of Trunk Lane. Special shout out to our drummer Andrew McCarthy who played beautifully on the album, and Chuck Bucket who has been playing with us since Andrew moved to Toronto. And we wouldn't be where we are today without the perseverance of our manager, Mary Beth Waldram. Oh! And the funders, the funders, the funders: MusicNL, ArtsNL, the City of St. John's, and FACTOR.

Now, what better time to release some live video from a softer seater we did in St. John's last August? Here is the title track from our ECMA winning album!

And we mustn't forget, we are playing PADDLEFEST in St. Andrews, New Brunswick next Friday, May 17th! Visit their website for all the details, it's gonna be a time.



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